Cremona SV-130 1/4 Violin with Premium Strings

$175.99 (as of February 27, 2019, 6:45 am)

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Saga has always been a pioneer when it comes to making quality violins to meet the demands of the growing student market. While focusing primarily on quality and value to meet a specific price point, the new SV-130 1/4 Cremona Premier Novice Series violin was developed. Whether the student is in the earliest stages of the learning process, or well on the way to more advanced training, these violins will perform well beyond the expectation.
USA-made Prelude strings, the educator’s preferred strings for students
Proper peg fitting and easy to use Swiss-style ebony pegs
Low profile chinrest, oiled neck and well balanced bow for ease of playing
Correct string height, string spacing and neck relief for accurate finger positions and intonation
Ebony fittings, ebony fingerboard and lightweight composite tailpiece for easy tuning, all hand carved all solid spruce and maple body


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