Gretsch Energy 5-Piece Drum Kit with Full Hardware Package & Zildjian Cymbals



Gretschâ€s ready-to-play Energy drum set now has more signature Gretsch features, more Gretsch sound and more Gretsch performance. Energy’s shells are 7-ply poplar with 30-degree bearing edges and are equipped with 1.6mm triple flanged hoops and Remo drum heads. Energy comes with all of the hardware needed to get the aspiring drummer started, including a bass drum pedal, high-hat stand, snare stand with both a boom and straight cymbal stand. Energy kits also include a set of Zildjian Planet Z cymbals: 13″ hi-hats, 16″ crash and 20″ ride. Start your journey into drumming headed down the right path with Gretsch Energy.
5-piece complete kit
Cymbals & Hardware included
7-ply Poplar Shells
30 degrees bearing edges
Matching Wood Bass Drum hoops


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