Kentucky Artist F-Model Mandolin Model KM-855 in Vintage Amberburst

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Presenting the KM-855 Artist F-model Mandolin by Kentucky

Kentucky mandolins continue to be today’s best value in hand-made professional quality instruments that can be afforded by all. The KM-855 is a particularly fine example of just how the finest materials are joined together to create an instrument who’s look is second only to its tone! Each Artist series F-model mandolin is hand-carved and graduated from the finest mountain spruce and northern maple for the best tonal characteristics. Setting this model apart is the choice of a beautiful ebony fingerboard with the elaborate inchBella Voce inch inlay pattern and matching peghead overlay. Rest assured that each mandolin produces a rich, powerful tone in an instrument true to the tradition in every way.

Traditional Look

Distinctive Design
Wood Selection

Hand-selected and figured maple is used for the backs, sides and necks of all Artist Model Instruments. Choice, narrow-grained solid spruce is used for the tops really brings out the woody articulate tone you’d expect from a quality mandolin. The woods are chosen for their inherent tonal properties and visual appeal, but they are also chosen to help keep the price low without sacrificing quality or tone.


All instruments exhibit refined and artistic workmanship in every detail of construction; following traditional construction methods and techniques handed down to achieve a level of quality that cannot be found in other instrument in this price range. From the dovetail neck body joint, to the delicate lines of the body shape, perfectly applied binding and a top hand-carved and graduated to perfection—the fit and finish is exceptional and the tone cannot be beat.

Fingerboard and Fittings

The fingerboards of all Artist Model instruments are beautifully shaped from top quality ebony for easy playability, durability and beauty. The frets are accurately positioned and polished to perfection, further enhancing playability. The compensated and adjustable bridge is perfectly shaped and allows for minute action adjustments, while the high-quality Gotoh tuners will provide smooth action and tuning accuracy for years to come. String changes are made easy by simply removing the engraved tailpiece to reveal the base; which is made of steel for added durability.


All Kentucky Artist Model mandolins are skillfully finished with a beautiful vintage sunburst made from nitrocellulose lacquer. This type of finish not only looks great and brings out the figure of the woods used during construction, but also provides a durable layer of protection that allows the wood to breath as it ages.

Attention to Detail
Kentucky Artist F-style Mandolins – Play it with pride—it’s America’s favorite mandolin!

Kentucky Mandolins are today’s best value in handmade professional quality mandolins. Our Artist mandolins are hand carved and graduated from the finest mountain spruce and northern maple to using traditional construction methods that have been proven to provide the best tone possible. All features and fittings are the highest quality possible to assure that Kentucky Artist mandolins produces a rich, powerful tone, are affordable and remain true to tradition in every way. If you play mandolin and haven’t tried a Kentucky, you owe it to yourself to do so. These are just a few of the reasons why Kentucky is still, “America’s Favorite Mandolin!”

Key Features
  • Solid, hand-carved and graduated select spruce top
  • Solid, hand-carved select highly flamed maple back and sides
  • Vintage high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer Amberburst finish
  • One piece maple neck with dovetail neck/body joint at 15th fret
  • Radiused fingerboard with modern extension over the body
  • Bound ebony neck with Bella Voce fingerboard and matching peghead overlay
  • Vintage-style ebony bridge with small adjustment wheels
  • Traditional 2-screw truss rod cover plate
  • Bone nut
  • Highly polished nickel-silver frets
  • High-quality gold-plated Gotoh tuners with engraved plate and removable buttons
  • Shop adjusted

Solid, handcarved and accurately graduated select spruce top.
Solid, handcarved select highly flamed maple back and sides.
One-piece maple neck with dovetail neck/body joint at 15th fret.
Ebony bridge and fingerboard with “Bella Voce” M.O.P. inlays on peghead and gold-plated tuners and tailpiece.
Shop adjusted with high-quality Gotoh tuners and bone nut.


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